Established in 2020

The purpose of this organization is to promote sustainable natural resources development and conservation, promote sustainable agriculture and rural economic growth in Ethiopia and to improve the livelihoods of the people of Ethiopia.

The EESDC will focus on land, water and biodiversity resources of Ethiopia in order to address and improve, inter alias, food security, poverty alleviation and rural prosperity; agriculture and forestry production, water quality and quantity, reduction of deforestation and land degradation, reduction of biodiversity loss, and reduction of degradation of the environment, engagement in climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as, empowering environmental institutions and strengthening legal frameworks and policies. 

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The mission of the EESDC is to harness the collective knowledge and experiences of professionals based in Ethiopia and globally to contribute in the development and conservation of the natural resources, improve agricultural production and rural economic growth of Ethiopia in using environmentally sound, socially acceptable practices and economically viable ways and through participatory processes and inter-generational sharing of resources



The goals of the EESDC are:

  • Develop partnerships with international organizations, federal and regional natural resources agencies, universities and research centers, NGO’s, professional associations and the public to improve research and innovation, and development capabilities through sharing knowledge and experiences in sustainable natural resources development and conservation, agricultural production and rural innovations
  • Assist educational institutions in capacity building and outreach,
  • Empower women socially, educationally and leadership,
  • Engage in youth and community environmental education,
  • Advocate for training and capacity building to stakeholders,
  • Enable greater collaboration and networking,
  • Support and advice national leaders and policymakers in planning for and responding to climate change, 
  • Advocate for the documentation and use of indigenous knowledge to promote sustainable development in Ethiopia.

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