Integrated Natural Resource Management

Subgroup A: GERD

  • The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
  • Other Hydro Dams
  • Tana Biosphere Restoration and Water hyacinth control
    • Lake Tana restoration, Water hyacinth removal
    • Riparian Restoration
    • Soil and Water Conservation. Silt removal, Gully rehabilitation
    • Payment for Ecosystem Services
    • Ecotourism and Protecting Monasteries

Subgroup B: Integrated Watershed Management

  • Rivers, Lakes and Other water bodies and their Catchment Restoration
    • Watershed management and empowerment of farmers.
    • Ecosystem Restoration and Management
    • In-Cities/Urban Flowing Rivers Cleaning and Embankment Landscaping.
  • Desertification and Land Restoration
  • Integration of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Urban Development
  • Green Legacy Initiative